Tablets / eReaders Annotation


Photo of a tablet pcTablets and eReaders have the significant benefit of being touch screen devices. This makes it really easy to make annotations. Our advice mainly focuses here on Apps for tablet devices (iPads, Google Nexus and Kindle Fire HD). Using some of these Apps instead of pre-installed software, you will be able to share your annotations and notes on different devices. See Annotating PDFs and PDFs on mobile devices.

For eReaders (basic Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Sony Reader), you will be able to mark up your documents, but the annotations will tend to be restricted to the device you are using.

Useful Tablet Apps

There is a wide range of apps available on the various mobile platforms here are just a few that we are aware of, many of these apps also tie in with web services (see the Browser and Web service section) where this is the case we will also reference the web service.


Android (AD), iOS (iOS), Windows Mobile (WM), Blackberry (BB), Ubuntu Mobile (UM) – a mobile version of Linux, available but not found on many devices.Firefox (FF) – not released yet!

File Storage

  • Google Drive (AD, iOS) Online documents creation, editing, sharing & Online storage
  • DropBox (All Devices) Online Storage (alternate to Google Drive)


Other Links

Getting at your Kindle Notes (blog post)


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