Software to help focus


User and binoculars illustrationThere a number of free and paid-for programs that are designed to help computer users focus their attention when reading text on screen. They are broadly in three categories: colour tinting, rulers and magnifiers.

EduApps provides this software freely. To help you find the best solution for you we have included our recommendations below.

Colour tinting your screen

  • ssOverlay (PC only) – this programme covers the screen with a slightly tinted colour of your choice. It reduces contrast  which some users may prefer when reading text. 
  • Screen Shades (Mac only) – equivalent of ssOverlay for the Mac.
  • Universal Access (Mac only) – you can invert the colours for the whole screen (black background, white text) using the in-built settings for Mac.

page and ruler illustrationRulers

Magnifying glassMagnifiers

  • Microsoft Magnifier (PC only) – built-in screen magnification for Windows.
  • Universal Access (Mac only) – built-in screen magnification for Mac.

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