Screen tints and magnifiers


User and binoculars illustrationThere a number of settings in built in Windows 10 that improve how you read text on screen. There are also accessibility settings within most mobile devices now that will allow tinting and magnifiers.

In addition, free and paid-for programs that are designed to help computer users focus their attention when reading text on screen.  EduApps provides this software freely.

Colour tinting your screen

  • Mobile apps
    • Dimly
  • Windows 10 Night Light
    • Open the Windows Start Menu and type ‘Night Light’. Click to start.
    • You’ll be taken to the Night Light settings which allow you to Turn On Night Light and set the colour tint.
  • Mac Night Shift (compatible Macs only)
    • Apple Menu, then System Preferences, then Displays, then Night Shift tab.
    • Apple guidance.


  • Magnifier – built-in screen magnification for Windows.
  • Zoom – accessibility setting for Mac.
    • Apple Menu, then System Preferences, then Accessibility, then Zoom.
    • Turn on Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom.
    • Press [Alt][⌘] + [8] to activate. Then use [Alt][⌘] + [+] to zoom in or [Alt][⌘] + [-] to zoom out.

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