Advanced Browser Adjustments


Browser adjustments iconWebsites are designed to display specific fonts. It is possible to override the fonts on a site using browser settings. This is more sophisticated approach than temporarily adjusting text size.

Note: these settings apply to all websites and some websites may not be fully compatible with this approach.

Overriding fonts and colours on a webpage

Internet Explorer LogoInternet Explorer

  • Text Guide: IE9 accessibility options (Microsoft Help) – work through the three sections under ‘Change font size, formatting and screen colours’.

Firefox logoFirefox

Chrome logoChrome

Chrome does not have an easy way to override fonts for all websites. An alternative method, primarily for blogs and news articles, is to use a ‘readability’ extension. These remove non-essential website elements and let you display text in a particular font. Examples:

  • Google Chrome Extension: Readability Redux (includes font settings)
  • Google Chrome Extension: Readability (also with ‘Send to Kindle’ functionality)

Safari logoSafari

Safari does not have an easy way to override fonts for all websites. However, you can prevent Safari from using small font sizes:


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