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2 thoughts on “Provide Feedback

  1. This is a really interesting topic, and I have already discovered many of the tips for individual papers through my own experimenting. But the one issue which I haven’t been able to resolve is how to manage multiple stacks of papers for my assignments. In digital format, I simply can’t get enough of an overview of my materials, and continue to need printed papers spread all over the floor of my house. Seeing the physical stacks, and knowing that I put ‘green’ highlighter in ‘that’ pile, on the left side is still easier than finding a particular note hiding in a file that I can’t remember the name of. I’ve been using Mendeley and Evernote, and also Microsoft OneNote for annotations and summaries, but ultimately, I always come back to printed copies when I need huge quantities of material! I can’t see a way out of it!

  2. Hi Rona,
    Thanks for your comment. You’ve raised an interesting point which plagues us all. I think you are right in that we remember the physical image of piles to help us remember content of documents. Thankfully this isn’t the case when using computers (else the user interfaces would be a nightmare). One approach I like to use is tagging. In this way your green highlighter or post it becomes a hash tag (e.g. if green = excellent paper, you could use a tag like ‘excellent paper’ or even ‘green’ – I know I’m being a little too literal). Then with whatever document management system you prefer (Mendeley, Evernote, etc), you can create those piles digitally. Tagging is better than sorting by folders, as that way you can add different tags to the same document. In Google Docs, tagging isn’t possible, but you could create a short-hand tag and include that in the file name.

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