Print or on screen?

A collection of devicesReadings are increasingly being only available in digital form, e.g. ebooks, so practicing the skills of reading on screen will help you engage with a wide range of resources. Using a digital devices you can annotate, search documents and create a digital archive, which beats carrying reams of paper around!

Below is a list of common devices, their pros and cons, and links to summary pages for each device leading you to further advice on this site. We don’t have access to every device, so would welcome your comments on the devices and approaches you are using for reading on screen (see bottom of page).

Which device suits you?

Monitor Chromebook Tablet E-ink
Example devices Desktop PC, Mac or laptop Laptop iPad, Kindle Fire, Google NexusLarge format smart phones often have similar features Basic Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader
  • Show multiple documents at the same time
  • Advanced annotation and editability
  • All file formats supported
  • Back-lit, high res screen
  • Long battery life
  • Major file formats viewable
  • USB port
  • Back-lit, high resolution screen
  • Basic annotation
  • Major file formats viewable
  • Easiest on the eye
  • Good for long use periods
  • Upright reading position
  • Large screen, glare and distracting user interfaces
  • Fixed location
  • Limited editing of wide range of file formats
  • Heavily dependent on internet connection
  • Unable or difficult to view multiple documents at the  same time
  • Heavy to hold in hand for long periods
  • No USB connection
  • Slow to flick through pages
  • Not all file formats work
  • Limited annotation ability
  • PDFs handled poorly
Relevant pages

What device do you have and why?

We’re keen to learn what devices you are using to help you in your studies and why you have chosen them. Are there things you like about it? What would you like to change? Leave your comments below.

Useful Links

Browser quick Reference Guides

Operating System (OS) Quick Reference Guides


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      Indeed – I’ve just published a page and linked in the table above. Thanks for the prompt – been meaning to add this for a while, but have only just been able to get my hands on one!

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