Getting at your Kindle Notes (and Highlights)

Amazon Kindle LogoI have been looking through some of the feedback we have received from the site there are a few messages indicating that they were unable to find a solution to their particular problem. Well as promised where we haven’t covered a particular topic we will look into finding a solution for you and post it here. So if you do leave us some feedback in the form, please check back, if it’s in the remit of the site we will try our hardest to write something.

In this instance we will look at exporting notes (annotations) from the Kindle application so that you can make use of them elsewhere.

The way that the Kindle app on mobile devices works regarding Highlights and Notes is a little convoluted. To access your Notes so that you can transfer them to another application you will need to go online to the Kindle website.

Screenshot of the amazon kindle highlights page
Screenshot of the Amazon Kindle ‘Your Highlights’ page
  1. As you read through a book in the Kindle app you highlight passages and make notes. These get uploaded to your online profile with Amazon at the point that you exit the book in your Kindle application.
  2. Go to and log in.
  3. Click on the ‘Your Highlights’ link in the main menu. Here you will see all your highlights and notes
  4. From here you could simply copy and past into another document such as Word or if you are using Evernote (or similar service), you could select and clip the text you want straight to Evernote.

I’ve also looked at the Kindle desktop application on windows (I assume that the same would apply to a Mac) and the process is identical. You mark-up the text as you require and on leaving the book in the application those are uploaded to the cloud where you can access them via the website (see steps 3 and 4 above). You can’t access this process through the main Amazon website, you have to go to the dedicated Kindle site.

6 thoughts on “Getting at your Kindle Notes (and Highlights)

    • It would be even better if we could actually write our notes on the screen as I have several study bibles I have paid for to download on here and can’t even fill in the blanks to questions asked I would very much like to actively use my bible study books…even if we can’t type but maybe use my tablet pin to write in the blank would be even better…I know you would sale more study books this way instead of people going into the book store to buy it so they can actually work the books…pls help me make this happen.

  1. Hi, Blayn

    Being able to make notes and highlights is one of the features Kindle users like best. They may have a hard time sometimes trying to access this online though.

    An iOS app which will be released soon called Snippefy ( will make it more easily accessible for Kindle users to read and share their notes and highlights to social media, Evernote, Dropbox and email. This will be something new and really helpful. Please check it out if you can.

    Thank you

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