Windows Mobile

Windows mobile devices

Windows Mobile LogoWe don’t have a Windows mobile phone or tablet to test here, but if you do, we’d really like your views on what works and what doesn’t.

It might be worth testing the Adobe Reader App for your phone / tablet as this will allow you to resize the text in compatible PDF files with ‘text reflow’.

You can download web browser Apps for ‘reading view’ functionality which makes some webpages easier to read. See the mobile / tablet section on the Browser Text Size page for more details.

Relevant pages

Useful Links

  • Web Tool & Download: Evernote (clipping web pages, images and selections also making both text and audio notes, plus more)

What have you found?

If you’ve found an App or something on your device that has helped you engage with reading material more easily, why not share it by posting a comment below?


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